How do you dispose of old AED supplies?

Sydney Hildebrandt

Do you find that when replacing your AED supplies you are unsure how to dispose of the old supplies? Your AED, and its accessories, should be disposed of according to state and federal guidelines, through an authorized recycling facility. We’ll break down what needs to happen to each supply…


  • AED electrodes (or pads)

AED electrodes are made of non-hazardous material and can be simply disposed of in a trash can like regular waste.


  • AED Batteries

AED batteries are considered hazardous waste material – they contain lithium sulfur dioxide – and need to be recycled.   When lithium batteries are mistakenly thrown away, pressure or heat can cause them to spark and start extremely dangerous fires1. Due to this, ground transportation must be used when shipping batteries to have them recycled.


  • AEDs

AEDs are electronic devices that contain delicate parts like circuit boards and must be properly recycled.  Give us a call at (800) 580-1375 and we can direct you to the proper place to send your AED to be recycled.



“How do I properly recycle my batteries and AED?” is a great and common question! You can contact your local emergency medical services, contact the AED manufacturer, or use national recycling programs. Here are some you can look into:




We commend you for your effort to keep our earth clean and green! If you have any questions about AED donations, old but not expired AED supplies, or a question about the items you plan on recycling, give us a call at (800) 580-1375, leave us a comment down below, or email us at







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2 responses to “How do you dispose of old AED supplies?”

  1. Nicole Member writes:


    We are looking to see if we can recycle the defib tech lifeline battery-paks and/or Pediatric AED pads anywhere in NW NJ

    Alos – any place we can have our Heartsaver CR Plus Automatic AEDs recycled?

    Thanks you!


  2. Keith Hildebrandt writes:

    Great question, Nicole! In the blog it is mentioned that pads, otherwise known as electrodes, can simply be thrown away. However a battery or AED will need to be recycled. We have some national recycling programs, with links to their websites, listed in the blog. We hope this answers your question! Please let us know if there is anything else we can help with!

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