October: Sudden Cardiac Awareness Month

Sydney Hildebrandt


October is popularly known as the month for spooky stories, lots of candy, dressing up, and other fun fall activities. However, October is also Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Month. Sudden Cardiac Arrest, or SCA, is the unexpected loss of the heart function, resulting in the loss of effective blood flow. SCA is usually caused by an electrical disturbance in the heart.  If left untreated by defibrillation, SCA results in death. We can participate in this month by doing one of the five following things:



  1. Learn what the Chain of Survival is


  1. Get CPR and AED certified


  1. Ask your boss if your office has an AED, and if not why


  1. Ensure an emergency plan is in place at your child’s school, church, rec sports, etc.
  • Visit our AED Laws page to find out if an AED is mandatory for your location.


  1. Practice your emergency plan at work and home


Take part in Sudden Cardiac Arrest month and help make a difference! If you still have questions regarding SCA or your AED, give us a call at 800-580-1375, or email us at customerservice@aedbrands.com.


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