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AED Cabinets

AED Wall Cabinets, Boxes and Cases are used to protect an Automated External Defibrillator from the elements. AED Boxes are used to protect your defibrillator from the elements, theft or misuse. We offer a wide selection of wall-mounted cabinets such as standard or compact sized, painted steel or finished steel and manufacturer-specific cabinets.

AED Wall Cabinet Types

Compact and Compact Stainless Steel AED Wall Cabinet, Standard AED Wall Cabinet, Stainless Steel Standard AED Wall Cabinet, Tall and Tall Stainless Steel AED Cabinet (includes space for emergency oxygen or a first aid kit) and AED Cabinet Alarm System. The Compact or the Compact Stainless Steel AED Wall Cabinet can house several different models of an automated external defibrillator and can be surface mounted, semi-recess mounted or fully recess mounted. You can also choose to have no alarm, an audible alarm or an audible alarm with a strobe light. The Standard and the Standard Stainless Steel AED Wall Cabinets can house any size of AED, and come with the same mounting and alert options as the Compact and Compact Stainless Steel AED Wall Cabinets. If you want the convenience of storing oxygen or first aid kits along with your automated external defibrillator, we also offer Tall and Tall Stainless Steel AED Wall Cabinet options. Both cabinets can house any size of AED, come with alarm options and can be surface, semi-recess or fully recess mounted.

Does an AED need to be in a cabinet?

No, however, an AED wall cabinet can be used to protect an AED or more easily locate a device during an emergency.

Do AED Cabinets need power?

Sometimes. AED cabinets that have strobes or other powered accessories will typically need a 9-volt battery.

Where should I place an AED machine?

And AED should be located in areas where people are likely to gather in high numbers. For more information, read our AED placement guide or contact us for an AED Site Assessment.