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AED Cabinets

AED Cabinets, after choosing to purchase an automated external defibrillator (AED) for your health club, gym, fitness center, office building, school or other public gathering place is an important first step in ensuring that the people who frequent these areas are provided with the best basic life support in the case of sudden cardiac arrest. Choosing where to place the AED is the next important step. The AED needs to be highly visible and easily accessible so that emergency medical services can be performed as soon as possible. When it comes to SCA, every minute counts.
For an automated external defibrillator that is going to be placed in a permanent location, such as a classroom or an office, buying an AED cabinet is a logical choice. An AED wall cabinet can be placed in a highly visible location that is easily accessible and close enough to the population it is meant to serve. AED cabinets can place the defibrillator on display so that everyone in the building is aware of where it is, while also keeping it out of the way and secure from those who might be tempted to tamper with the device (especially in a classroom situation).

AED In Case of SCA (Sudden Cardiac Arrest)

Sudden cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, anywhere, no matter what his or her age or physical health is. Children, young adults, middle-aged and elderly people can all experience SCA, and if left untreated for as few as five minutes, severe brain damage can occur. If left untreated for up to ten minutes, death almost always occurs. That’s why AED Brands encourages every public gathering place to have an automated external defibrillator on hand.

Portable AED Cabinet

An AED cabinet is crucial to have when you purchase an AED defibrillator that is meant to be in one accessible location. An AED cabinet will not only give you the security of knowing where the defibrillator is at all times; it will also keep the defibrillator safe from prying hands. By keeping your automated external defibrillator in a safe and secure location, you can be confident that if tragedy strikes, you have the proper equipment safely stored in an accessible location. Nothing can provide more security than knowing that if you are ever faced with a sudden cardiac arrest situation, you are prepared.

AED Storage Cabinet Types

AED Brands offers the following wall cabinet models: Compact and Compact Stainless Steel AED Wall Cabinet, Standard AED Wall Cabinet, Stainless Steel Standard AED Wall Cabinet, Tall and Tall Stainless Steel AED Cabinet (includes space for emergency oxygen or a first aid kit) and AED Cabinet Alarm System. The Compact or the Compact Stainless Steel AED Wall Cabinet can house several different models of an automated external defibrillator and can be surface mounted, semi-recess mounted or fully recess mounted. You can also choose to have no alarm, an audible alarm or an audible alarm with a strobe light. The Standard and the Standard Stainless Steel AED Wall Cabinets can house any size of AED, and come with the same mounting and alert options as the Compact and Compact Stainless Steel AED Wall Cabinets. If you want the convenience of storing oxygen or first aid kits along with your automated external defibrillator, we also offer Tall and Tall Stainless Steel AED Wall Cabinet options. Both cabinets can house any size of AED, come with alarm options and can be surface, semi-recess or fully recess mounted.

Stay Rescue-Ready With Your AED

AED Brands wants to make it possible for you to ensure the safety, health and wellbeing of all your visitors, students and/or employees. To do that, you need to make sure that your health equipment is visible and easily accessible to those providing help to an SCA victim. AED wall cabinets can ensure that your automated external defibrillator is visible and safe from tampering and that it will be ready to be used in an emergency.