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Automated external defibrillators, or AEDs, have become an important part of emergency medical response programs. With nearly 400,000 cases of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) reported in the United States each year, it is apparent that AEDs are needed in schools, churches, health clubs, airports, golf courses and other public gathering places. However, in order to work properly, AEDs need AED pads. These are the part of the automated external defibrillator that is attached directly to the SCA victim’s chest (skin) and through which the shock to the heart is delivered. Having extra defibrillator pads on hand is an important part of any AED program for several reasons.

AED Pads Expiration

The main reason for stocking more than one set is that they have a defined shelf life and will expire after a certain amount of time passes, typically 18-30 months. The part of the pad that expires is not the pad itself, but the gel that is applied to the defibrillator electrodes when they are manufactured. This gel acts as a bonding agent and helps the AED electrodes  to adhere firmly to the victim’s skin. As time passes, the gel begins to dry out. If this happens, the AED pads will not stick to the skin and will not be able to provide the correct analysis and therapy needed to treat SCA. Regularly checking your supply of AED pads and noting their expiration dates is vitally important in maintaining your AED program and ensuring that if a sudden cardiac arrest emergency occurs, the victim will have a chance of receiving the treatment he or she needs. Another reason for having extra AED electrodes on hand is that you always want to have your AED unit ready for an SCA emergency. The chances of back-to-back sudden cardiac arrest events is unlikely; however, that does not mean it could not happen, in which case one would need to use a new pad. AED owners and/or users should have these extra pads on hand ensures that if one SCA event happens on the heels of another, your emergency response team will have the necessary equipment ready for the next victim.

Available AED Pads

AED Brands carries AED electrodes for all automated external defibrillator makes and models. This includes Medtronic LIFEPAK 500 and Philips OnSite AED pads. We also carry Cardiac Science, Zoll, Defibtech, and HeartSine. It is important to note that sudden cardiac arrest does not discriminate when it comes to its victims. It can strike babies and the elderly, and any age in between. Therefore, AED Brands makes sure that we carry AED electrodes for infants and children, as well as AED electrodes for adults. Infant and child AED electrodes are designed for SCA victims who are under eight years of age or who weigh less than 55 pounds. These younger and lighter victims need pediatric AED pads because the pads deliver less energy to the victim during defibrillation. Make sure your AED program includes plans for purchasing extra AED electrodes, and that a regular maintenance schedule is in place. An SCA emergency with an AED on hand is serious; an SCA emergency without properly working equipment or with expired AED pads could be disastrous. Make sure your AED program is compliant, your AED batteries are charged and your AED pads are fresh. The life you save could be your own.