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AED Batteries For Sale

Replacement AED batteries are a crucial part of ensuring that your device is ready to use in the event of a cardiac emergency. Regularly replacing your AED batteries can help ensure that your device is always ready to go, and that you are prepared to provide life-saving treatment in an emergency situation. AED Brands is an authorized distributor for the top brands of AED devices, such as Philips, Defibtech, ZOLL, Cardiac Science, Heartsine and LIFEPAK (Physio-Control).

Shop AED Battery By Brand

AED Brands carries replacement batteries for the following AED devices:

How much do AED Replacement Batteries cost?

Depending on the model, replacement batteries cost between $40 and $430.

Defibrillator Replacement Battery

An AED battery can come in two forms – rechargeable and non-rechargeable. AED Brands carries both types of defibrillator batteries, as well as battery chargers. An essential part of any AED program is ensuring that your AED battery is charged and in working order; it can be a matter of life and death.