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AED brands carries everything you need for Philips brand automated external defibrillators (AEDs). Whether you need AED supplies or accessories, Advanced Life Support (ALS) Monitor/Defibrillator supplies and accessories, or AED training supplies and accessories, AED brands has it all.


Philips has been offering quality healthcare products in the United States since 1933; that means they know healthcare! Philips leads the way in providing emergency care for sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) victims; the company has shipped almost 750,000 automated external defibrillator units worldwide. That’s why AED brands is proud to offer training materials, supplies and accessories for Philips’ AED units.

Be Prepared With Philips AED Accessories

Sudden cardiac arrest is almost always deadly if not treated in less than ten minutes. Having trained personnel and an automated external defibrillator on-hand to administer treatment right away is necessary for an SCA victim’s survival. AED brands carries the Philips training accessories you need to get your AED Program up and running, and to ensure that if an SCA emergency ever happens in your workplace, school or other public gathering place, you are ready.

Philips AED Training Equipment

The Philips Interactive Demo CD shows SCA first responders how AEDs can save lives and includes SCA survivor testimonials. Having the right training equipment on-hand during AED training is important so that emergency first-responder trainees can have hands-on experience. That’s why AED brands carries the Philips’ OnSite AED Adult and Infant/Child Training Cartridge, AED Training Pads for adults, infants and children, the OnSite Instructor’s Training Toolkit and many more AED training supplies and accessories.

Luckily for a middle-aged man in Limerick, Ireland in July 2010, the employees of DocMorris Pharmacy had just completed AED training a few days before. The man suffered sudden cardiac arrest while driving his car and crashed into an unmarked police car. Pharmacist Fatima Sadek was alerted to the emergency; she and other pharmacy staff grabbed the automated external defibrillator and rushed to the scene of the accident. Ms. Sadek was able to hook up the defibrillator and deliver a shock before paramedics arrived to take over. SCA emergencies cannot be predicted, DocMorris Pharmacy employees are thankful that they had completed AED training and were able to handle such an occurrence.

Philips HeartStart Pads

Philips HeartStart pads are made to withstand cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and are sized to fit any patient. The HeartStart Pads Adaptors are made to connect to other manufacturers’ AED units allowing easy pad standardization for biphasic or monophasic, manual or automated defibrillators.

Sudden cardiac arrest often strikes without warning and without regard to age, social or economic status. Children, teenagers, adults and the elderly can all suffer an SCA. The only treatment that effectively stops a victim from suffering sudden cardiac death is a shock from an automated external defibrillator.

Bernard Soto knows all too well the life-saving capabilities of, and the importance of having, an AED available. The 11 year old boy was walking to class one morning in September 2008 when he collapsed. Assistant Principal Greg Williams knew what to do. He began performing CPR and instructed someone to grab the school’s AED. Four of the school’s coaches helped Mr. Williams hook up the AED which instructed him to administer a shock. After doing so, Bernard began gasping for breath and Mr. Williams was able to find a pulse. Bernard was taken to the Children’s Sibley Heart Center in Atlanta, Georgia where he was diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (a thickening of the heart muscle that makes it hard for blood to leave the heart). An implantable defibrillator was placed in his chest and Bernard is expected to live a normal life.

How AEDs Save Lives

Sudden cardiac arrest occurs when the heart begins to beat erratically (ventricular fibrillation or VF) and is unable to effectively pump blood to the brain and throughout the body. If VF continues, the victim loses consciousness, collapses and eventually stops breathing. CPR will help keep blood and oxygen flowing to the brain and throughout the body, but it will not stop the heart from fibrillating (quivering) nor will it be able to restart the heart if it stops beating. Defibrillation from an automated external defibrillator is the only way to get the victim’s heart restarted and beating normally. If defibrillation does not occur within a short window of time (generally 3 – 5 minutes) the victim can suffer brain damage or cardiac death. For every minute that passes during an SCA, the victim’s chances of survival go down by 10 percent.

Philips HeartStart Event Review

Being able to go back and review the events during the sudden cardiac arrest emergency after the victim has been transported to the hospital can be an important tool for the emergency room doctors and for the patient’s own doctor in determining what happened and analyzing the treatment procedures. Philips HeartStart Event Review software helps you manage the data collected during the defibrillation event. It allows you to collect data, review the case and analyze the responses of the emergency personnel. It easily hooks up to a computer so the information can be downloaded and analyzed and emailed to other users of the software. Learning what to do and what not to do after an SCA event is a great way to prepare for the next one and HeartStart Event Review software allows you to do just that.

We Have The AED Accessories You Need

Having the necessary AED accessories and supplies on-hand during an SCA emergency helps ensure that emergency first-responders have the equipment they need in order to adequately treat and hopefully save an SCA victim’s life. AED brands carries the Philips products that you need to make sure your AED program is able to provide proper training for first-responders and that your AED unit is fully equipped and ready to handle a sudden cardiac arrest emergency. If you need AED supplies or accessories like replacement AED pads, OnSite/FRx Batteries, Philips AED Carrying Cases or event review software (plus much more), AED brands has it.

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