Replacement Battery For Cardiac Science® 9146-302
Replacement Battery For Cardiac Science® 9146-302
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Replacement Battery For Cardiac Science® 9146-302

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Alternate Part Numbers: 9146-002, 9146-102, 9146-202.

The replacement battery for the Cardiac Science AED is a replacement  Lithium Battery for Powerheart AED G3 models 9390E, 9390A, 9300E and 9300A shipped AFTER April 12, 2004. The battery comes with a 4-year, fully operational replacement guarantee from the date of installation. Automated external defibrillator batteries are one of the most important components of your AED unit; without a working battery, your AED will not function.

Don’t be caught without an extra battery for your Cardiac Science AED on hand; sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) happens all too often in the United States. In fact, it’s estimated that more than 350,000 – 400,000 Americans suffer from an SCA each year and that 95% of those victims die before they reach a hospital. This is startling because while SCA is not preventable or predictable, it can be treated and reversed, if treatment with an automated external defibrillator and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) starts soon enough (within 3 – 5 minutes of the beginning of the attack).

Sudden cardiac arrest’s prevalence is why many airports, health clubs, schools and other public gathering facilities have begun implementing AED programs. Cardiac Science, Inc. has been a leader in the healthcare industry for almost 100 years. Their AED G3 Pro and G3 Plus AEDs use the IntelliSense Lithium Battery. Their patented technology has produced a product that can test itself and help make sure that your AED unit is ready to be used in an emergency.

Make sure your AED is ready and available to save a life. Ensure that you have an operational AED battery for your Cardiac Science unit on hand in case of an SCA emergency.

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