Joel Martinez

Joel Martinez

Territory Manager

The Pacific Northwest is the place I call home. I have spent all my life exploring these lands and taking in the many sights. From the peak less Mount St. Helens to the expansive Columbia River and down to the rolling waves of the Oregon coast. I feel like I have explored so much and still seen so little of what this beautiful land has to offer. I can be found hiking to the tops of these mountains in the summer and snowboarding down them in the winters. When I am not outside running in the rain, I can be found cooking up some game day food to root for the Packers. GoPackGo!!

As you can tell Aspiring Adventurer is at the top of my resume, but my career began in beverage/food distribution. I spent most of my years as a sales representative for a popular energy drink brand. I learned what it was to work hard and become disciplined in my craft. However, I found myself wanting to leave a bigger mark on the world around me. When I was introduced to AED Brands, I saw my call for change being answered.

To see the difference, we make every day by providing the education and awareness to protect and save the lives of those in need is a grand feeling. I feel so blessed to be a part of this company and to be a part of this mission. I truly feel as those we are making that difference in the world because, “We’re in it for life!”


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