Resource Center Your Complete Guide on Purchasing and Implementing an AED Program

AED Fundraising Ideas

Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is a big health concern for young and old alike. SCA strikes older Americans at a higher rate, but children are AED-Fundraiser-Checklist.jpgat risk too especially if they are very physically active or participate in organized sports.If your school doesn’t currently have an AED, here's how you can go about raising funds for purchasing an AED and getting an AED program implemented.

AED For Schools

First, look around your community, there are numerous ways to accomplish your AED fundraising goals. There are organizations, foundations, and individuals, not to mention school officials, who may be willing to help and who hold a vested interest in protecting the health of your community’s youngest citizens. Drafting a letter, stating why AEDs are important (400,000 Americans each year suffer SCA), and how they help (survival rates can increase by as much as 50% if an AED is used) can be a good starting point.

If an automated external defibrillator is not part of your current school budget, suggest some ideas for fundraising. Parents, students, administrators and teachers can all come together to help raise money. Fundraising events can include:

  • Student-staffed events like car washes, thrift sales or bake sales can be instrumental in raising money.
  • Partnering with a vendor that sells candy, wrapping paper, coupon books, etc. works well too.
  • The PTA or other school booster clubs are always a good bet; they are usually well versed in fundraising ideas and experience. 
  • Local merchants, such as restaurants or other retailers, may be willing and able to sponsor fundraising events by donating a portion of their proceeds for a particular day to your fund.
  • Many companies have matching-gift programs as well. Check with local businesses to see if they would be willing to donate a matching monetary gift for funds raised.
  • State, county and local government entities have a stake as well in the health and safety of students. Check with your elected government officials to see if their offices provide grants or other funds for schools interested in implementing an AED program.

AED For Children

There are many other ways to raise money; we hope this short list has given you a good starting point. Approximately 5,900 children become SCA victims each year and most of them die because treatment does not reach them soon enough. The only way to stop sudden cardiac arrest is to defibrillate, or shock, the heart with an automated external defibrillator. The treatment window is less than ten minutes. Having an AED onsite is vital. Make sure your school is prepared.