Philips FR/FR2+ Pads 5-pack 989803158221
Philips FR/FR2+ Pads 5-pack 989803158221
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Philips FR2 AED Pads 5-Pack

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In order for your AED program to run smoothly and successfully, it is imperative that all your equipment be well maintained and working properly. In case you did not know it, this includes automated external defibrillator (AED) pads as well. AED pads, just like AED batteries, all come with expiration dates. For example, the Adult pads for the Philips FR2 series and Forerunner AEDs (5-pack), that AED brands carries, have a minimum shelf life of 24 months from the date of manufacture. Therefore, you must routinely inspect and if needed, replace, your Philips FR2 and Forerunner AED defibrillator pads about once every two years or so.

These oval-shaped, soft and flexible adult (for patients over 8 years of age and weighing 55 pounds or more) automated external defibrillator pads were designed by Philips to conform to the contours of the victim’s body, no matter what their size or shape. In addition, the lead wire connector was ergonomically designed which allows for fast, and easy, insertion thus saving valuable time during the sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) rescue.

It is our hope that you never have to use all five of the AED pads included in this Philips HeartStart FR2 AED Pads 5-pack but if you do, be thankful that you had them on hand. Sudden cardiac arrest takes the lives of all too many Americans each year. It is estimated that 325,000 – 400,000 people will suffer an SCA this year. Make sure that you give the people you work with, socialize with, learn with or work out with, the opportunity to survive an SCA by having the necessary equipment available to make survival possible.

Alternate Part Numbers: DP2, DP6

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