Compliance Solution

The Compliance Solution

AED Brands has implemented some of the most successful compliance programs in the country and we’ve compiled the best practices into our program management services. These services provide everything you need to ensure you meet state and federal requirements. 

From universities that have hundreds of devices on campus to small offices with only a few, our solutions are customized and tailored to meet your needs. 



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Monthly Per AED


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Annually Per AED

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Accutrack Online Management Program

Auto Supply Replenishment

10% Discount on Supply Replenishment
Post Event Data Download
AED Program Policies & Procedures
EMS Notification
EMS notification / registration

Annual Site Visit

Supply Installation

Post Event Loaner

Questions? We have answers.

A web-based solution that provides:

Tracking – AEDs, Accessories, CPR Classes
Reminders – Monthly Email Inspection Reminders, Expiration Alerts for Supplies
Reports – Generate program reports on your AEDs, Accessories, and CPR Classes, Create a Budget Report to project future expenses

Pads & Batteries are automatically replenished prior to expiration.

Discount is automatically applied on replenishment supplies.
AED Brands retrieves event data from the AED and provides an event report.
Detailed plan for AED program deployment and activation.
AED Brands submits notification to the local EMS.
As needed to meet state requirements.
Service technician follows a 14 point checklist to maintain the AED in rescue ready condition.
Service technician will install replenishment supplies and update the online portal.
Loaner AED will be sent as the event data is being retrieved.

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