AED Defibrillator Training and Drill Procedures

Defibrillation Training Requirements

(For a cardiac arrest post-event critique form and a complete guide to an early defibrillation program, dowload the AED Policies and Procedures below.)  

The ERT or Early Defibrillation Response Team members shall be responsible for maintaining all required training. The Early Defibrillation Program Coordinator shall track training requirements and notify each team member of any deficiencies.

AED Response Plan Drills

Periodic drills of the early defibrillation response plan and protocols shall be conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of the early defibrillation program. These drills may comprise a live re-enactment of an SCA event or classroom discussion of the overall response plan and protocols. Additional critique discussions with the ERT or Early Defibrillation Response Team may also follow any actual defibrillation events.

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